Help Your Child Manage Big Emotions With Confidence and Success

EQ + IQ = Accelerated Potential

EQ Connect Creates Social-Emotional Intelligence


Restore the calm and reduce the chaos! Be proactive by teaching your child to discuss and manage their emotions in a fast, easy to learn EQConnect game. Simplified instructions make it fast to pick up and play. 



Increase confidence and empathy in a FUN, safe way using EQ Connect. Open and strengthen communication with family members as they sit off the edge of their seat to share in this fun, interactive game. 




For less than your family dining out, you can invest in your family's emotional health. The EQ Connect games are accessible at a fraction of the cost of traditional services and offer support to answer questions and maximize use. 


It is NOT right that we feel embarrassed and judged

when our child is struggling and we

don't know how to help them. 


Stop the chaos, meltdowns, outbursts,

avoidance and lack of focus.

Get EQ Connect!

Parents are just starting to realize the importance of emotional intelligence for their childs’ self-management, decision making and friendship skills,  academic achievement, and attitudes related to learning and life.

How would you like to see these behaviors  improved or even eliminated from playing  EQ Connect?

            Behaviour                                                   to      

  • High anxiety                                                               
  • Struggling academically                                         
  • Lacking Motivation                                                   
  • Difficulty asserting oneself                                            
  • Quick to respond emotionally      
  • Defend self vehemently                                            
  • Won’t let go of mistakes                                          
  • Feeling misunderstood                                            
  • Blaming others                                                          
  • Unexpected emotional outbursts    
  •  Poor coping skills                                                      
  • Destructive behaviours                                            
  • Struggle with relationships
  • Unaware of others feelings                                     



  • Calm assurance 
  • Thriving                                                 
  • Motivated
  • Strong and clear                                         
  • Pause and reflect                                   
  • Calm assurance
  • Forgives self
  • Establishes understanding                                           
  • Taking responsibility                     
  • Emotional stability
  • Managing with strategies
  • Self-regulation
  • Acceptance and belongingness
  • Empathy towards others


As you train your child’s brain by repeatedly practicing new emotionally intelligent behaviors through EQ Connect, it builds the pathways needed to make them into habits.

As their brain reinforces the use of these new behaviors, the connections supporting old, destructive behaviors die off. Before long, your child begins responding to their surroundings with emotional intelligence without even having to think about it. 


Get EQ Connect


Get the support they need.

As a parent, teacher and educational consultant I see children struggling with emotions daily. They struggle... with learning, school work, friends and family and they hate it. EQ Connect will help individuals-

  • Identify and Articulate Emotions
  • Have Increased Resilience
  • Develop a Joyful Assurance 


We understand...

Not having the right tools to help your child handle their emotions well can leave you feeling stressed, unprepared, angry and even ashamed. 


  • 36 years as an educator 

  • Worked with private, public, charter and homeschool administrations.

  • Helps children feel more secure in who they are as a person.

  • Gives children and parents the support they need to experience emotional stability and academic success. 


Expand your child's emotional intelligence using this game to effectively identify and express what you feel and experience throughout each day. Begin your journey to social-emotional education.

Get EQ Connect!

Joyful Connections

EQ Connect combines emotions plus intelligence to create smart, confident, resilient kids and families who have joyful, meaningful connections. Remove the fear, anxiety, and anger with EQ Connect.




Without the capacity for compassion, children feel a lack of connection, belonging and acceptance. EQ Connect helps increase your child's level of empathy by becoming aware of and expressing their emotions through healthy interactions. 


Self Control

Learn to self regulate by becoming aware of and expressing emotions appropriately, Expand their circle of concern, honesty, self control, reliance, build friendship skills, responsibility, and how to reflect on experiences. 

At Early Readers Academy we know that you want to be confident about your child’s emotional stability.

Lose the chaos! Meltdowns and outbursts make a parent feel insecure. Early Readers Academy’s EQ Connect helps children stop experiencing chaos and instead self-regulate.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Get EQ Connect
  2. Play in the car, on the go and at home.
  3. Help your child get ahead in emotional intelligence. 

So, get the game today. In the meantime, join our FREE Facebook group so that you can stop grappling for solutions and instead help your child get ahead.

Get EQ Connect!

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Bright Future Readers incorporate emotional intelligence into their life to increase understanding and retention. This interactive card game will develop an awareness of emotions we experience on a daily basis.

Original Game


  • A fun card game to play that will develop an awareness of the emotions we experience on a daily basis and how to identify them.
  • A fast pased game using 52 cards that is engaging and thought provoking.
  • Improve understanding of emotions, leading to improved management and regulation. 
  • EQ Connect combines emotions plus intelligence to create smart, confident, resilient kids and families who have joyful connections.

EQ Connect masterfully connects the heart & the brain to increase Emotional Intelligence, improved communication and stronger relationships. Set your child up for success today and for life. 

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  • A fun, fast way to create meaningful connections with people you care about, reducing anxiety, stress, and unhealthy behaviors, making life a lot more peaceful.
  • Children will learn to name and recognize 27 different emotions and learn to manage them when they arise.
  • Learn healthy ways to process emotions that builds connection, resilience, and helps restore calm and joy in stressful situations.

Increase Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills, & academic performance. The way we deal with our emotions shapes everything that matters our: actions, health, relationships, careers, and happiness.

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EQ Connect Combo


Get both EQ Connect original game and the Expansion Pack  together for a winning combination!

  • Both work on 27 different¬†sets of emotions.
  • The 2 games can be played together OR¬†they can each be used as a standalone game so you can have two games going at once for larger groups.¬†
  • Created by teachers, educational psychologists, and counsellors to strengthen¬†a persons mental & emotional health.¬†

 EQ Connect Games are designed to create awareness around emotions. They are founded on the science of joy, intrinsic motivation, psychology, and emotional intelligence. A winning combo for relationships, communication & managing emotions. 

Buy Both EQ Connect Games


At Early Readers Academy we know that you want to be a proactive parent. In order to do that, you need your child to handle their big emotions well. The problem is the chaos around meltdowns and outbursts which makes you feel insecure as a parent. We believe it’s not right to feel anxious when you don’t know how to help. We understand that not having the right tools to help leave you feeling stressed which is why we have 34 years of experience with private, public, and home education.


Here’s how we do it:


  1. Get EQ Connect
  2. Create Joyful Connections
  3. Experience Emotional Regulation


So, get EQ Connect. In the meantime, download the PDF ‘Let's Name Those Emotions Book’ so that you can provide your child with emotional vocabulary to begin naming their emotions. stop experiencing chaos and instead help your child self-regulate.



Let's Name Those Emotions Book

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