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Our proven Bright Future Readers System guarantees your child will read with accuracy and fluency. It is achievable for every child!


Preschool is the most optimal time to learn to read, expand vocabulary and speak with appropriate grammatical structures and articulation.


Get your child reading quickly and easily in just 15 minutes a day with the Bright Future Readers System and increase future success.

The benefits of early literacy skills in children aren't discussed often or even considered possible. 

Yet NOT being an early reader can lead to...

  • Limited Educational Success
  • Struggling to Read Later
  • Learning to read in a crowded classroom
  • Caregivers Grappling for Solutions
  • Lacking educational growth
  • Difficult start to school




Get the support they need.

As a teacher I remember seeing children 2 grades behind in reading. They were struggling... and hated school.

In only 10 min a day your child can:

  • Learn letter sounds and how to put them together to read words
  • Become confident with reading and
  • Get Ahead


"I really love this program! It is very easy to follow with my 4 year old daughter. She went from non-reader to reader in the first few lessons and is now reading at a Grade One level. She loves to read at home and her teacher says she is a leader in her Kindergarten class this year. I can't thank Miss Mary enough for what she has done for my daughter. Thank you, Miss Mary!"

Michelle G.

Powerful stories from our community

We understand...

Not having the right tools to help your child grow academically can leave you unaware of the possibilities while feeling confused and frustrated.


  • 36 years in education as a teacher, administrator and consultant.
  • Worked with private, public, charter and homeschool administrations.
  • Our program helps to fill the gaps & maximize opportunities between home & school.
  • Gives parents the support they need so their children can experience incredible success academically.


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Who is Early Readers Academy?

Early Readers Academy Bright Future System is the premiere reading program in the nation for children ages 3-8. Bright Futures Reading System is an easy to follow beginner reader program to get your young child reading with fluency and comprehension.
35 daily mini-video lessons and 21 parent training segments ensure proper delivery and understanding of the material.
This simple to use program has been refined and tested during 34 years of preschool and kindergarten teaching. Over a thousand children have used our system to successfully learn to read!!  
It is a fun, effective way to get the right start in learning to read.
Our Bright Futures System is guaranteed to take your preschool child from not knowing letter names or sounds to reading using the most effective instructional methods available with our 5-8 min video lessons. 

It's easy to use and you will see results after the very first lesson! Guaranteed!

Early Readers Academy

Join the Bright Future Readers Program to get access to the most comprehensive Learn to Read program available!





  • 7 Module¬†Program
  • weekly lessons¬†of our exclusive¬†Bright Futures Reading System
  • mini-video reading lessons for your child or students'
  • 3 training videos each module¬†with tips and tricks on how to¬†implement
  • Leveled¬†reading activities with each lesson
  • Progress Chart and Success Path
  • Exclusive Instructor¬†Online Forum with a Literacy Expert to answer your questions
  • a proven reading system with 99% success rate with thousands of children of¬†all skill and ability levels
  • Free "Help Your Child Focus and Concentrate" (Value $24.95)
  • Confidence in reading to impact your child or students' future success!¬†
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  • Enjoy access to ERA reading lessons every week for classroom or homeschool use 
  • weekly lessons of our exclusive Bright Futures Reading System
  • mini-video reading lessons to ensure proper instruction of the strategies
  • training videos will include tips on instruction, error correction and remediation
  • Digital leveled reading activities 
  • Progress Chart and Success Path
  • Exclusive Instructor Online Forum with a Literacy Expert 
  • A proven reading system with 99% success rate with thousands of children of all skill ability levels. 
  • Confidence in reading to impact future success! 
  • ACCESS all this with monthly membership!
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A continuation of our proven Level 1 system!

  • 36 lessons of the most powerful reading instruction available
  • Daily Video Lessons for your child by Literacy Expert
  • Parent Trainings- tips, tricks and intervention strategies
  • Leveled reading activities with each lesson
  • Progress Chart and Success Path 
  • 99% success rate over a thousand children from all skill levels and abilities.
  • Reading Assessment Tool to identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Weekly BONUS Lessons

If your child has already experienced tremendous success with Level 1 and is ready to level up - this is their obvious next step! For ages 4 and up. Give your child the confidence in reading that lasts a lifetime!

Get Level 2 Now!

Get Ahead with Early Literacy

Forward-thinking parents are often unsure of what options are available. With the Early Readers Academy online early literacy course, your child will get ahead and have fun while doing it!!

At Early Readers Academy we know that you want to be confident about your child’s education. In order to do that, you need early literacy options that help with future readiness. The problem is you’re unsure of what your options are which makes you feel frustrated. We believe educating your child shouldn’t have to be confusing. We understand that not having the right tools can leave you feeling concerned which is why we have spent 36 years as a professional in private, public, charter and home education.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Register for the course
  2. Join from home
  3. Help your child get ahead!

So, get the course today. In the meantime, join our FREE Facebook group so that you can stop grappling for solutions and instead help your child get ahead through early literacy.

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BRAND NEW Miss Mary's Decodable Early Reader Book 1

Have your child reading in NO TIME!!

Click on the pictures to order!

Miss Mary's Decodable Early Readers Book 1

Grab a mini lesson in these games!

ONLY $6 Each

'Letter & Word Sort' 'Milk the Cow' Level 1-Sound and WordSort 'Milk the Cow' levels 2 & 3 -word sorting 'Bug Splat!' 3 Levels of Reading Games 'Fill the Wagon' Auditory Discrimination and Letter Patterns 'Eggs Up' Levels 1 & 2 Decoding Game 'Monkey Noise'- Learn About Syllables 'Rhyming Bingo' 3 Levels 'Movie Time' -Reading and Spelling Game Level 1 'Movie Time' -Reading and Spelling Game Levels 2 & 3

Coming in 2024! Learn to Read 5 Day Challenge

Simply Skilled readers in ONLY 5 days! Join our email newsletter for notification for our next 5 Day Challenge. 5-Days of 15 minute lessons

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Strong Readers are known to incorporate emotional intelligence into their reading to increase understanding and retention. This interactive card game will develop an increased awareness of the emotions we experience on a daily basis. Go to the Social Emotional Learning link at the top of the page for more information.


  • A fun game to play that will develop an awareness and management strategies for the emotions we experience on a daily basis.
  • A fast pased game using 28 emotions and 28 life situations¬†that are engaging and thought provoking.
  • Improve¬†understanding of emotions, leading to improved management and regulation.¬†
  • EQ Connect combines emotions plus intelligence to create smart,¬†confident, resilient kids and families who have joyful connections.
  • EQ Connect masterfully connects the heart and the brain to increase Emotional Intelligence, improved communication and stronger connections with others.¬†
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